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AI Smart Challenge
Lifeblood Chatbot

Learn why you need a chatbot now in our webinar

Date recorded: Thursday, 14th October 2021

Learn why you need a chatbot with a short presentation from Tanya Newhouse (CEO) and James Xuereb (Client Success Manager) followed by a Q&A panel being hosted by Amy Springhall (The Edge PR).

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Organisations who are taking up chatbots and why
  • Who’s doing what in the chatbot industry
  • Where the ROI stacks up (and where it doesn’t)
  • Who the owner of the chatbot is in the organisation
  • What’s a Minimum Viable Bot?
  • The importance of the customer voice
  • Q & A

Learn how to provide a chatbot that works

Dive into chatbots with Matt Francis (Solutions Manager) being interviewed by Amy Springhall from The Edge PR.

In this webinar we cover:

  • Choosing the right chatbot use case
  • Scoping a ‘proof of value’
  • Getting the team on-board
  • Using agile in development and deployment
  • Measuring success
Andie the DfE chatbot
SA Health chatbot on mobile and tablet

Learn how Clevertar is changing the face of customer service for government organisations

This info-packed webinar is an overview of Clevertar chatbots in government. Join our Clevertar experts as they walk you through:

  • Our real-world government projects and results with SA Health and Consumer and Business Services
  • How our chatbots improve customer service for government organisations
  • What’s unique about the Clevertar platform
  • How to create a chatbots for business success
  • Co-development approaches that really work

From overwhelmed phone lines to SA Health’s first virtual employee

Learn how we built and launched a chatbot in six days to help SA Health respond to a surge in COVID-19-related queries to the state’s hospital switchboards and contact lines
Zoe the SA Health chatbot
Grace the MATE chatbot

How to create chatbots for customer service impact

This info-packed webinar is an overview of chatbots and Clevertar technology.

Join our Clevertar experts as they walk you through:

  • The science and philosophy of chatbots
  • Insights into Clevertar technology and features
  • Real-world applications and results
  • 5 steps to success

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