Our capabilities

Using Clevertar’s AI-powered platform, our team will work with your subject matter experts to build a chatbot that works. Clevertar’s expertise includes:

  • Proof of concept design
  • Natural language understanding and dialogue flows
  • Content transformation 
  • Cloud service provisioning
  • Analytics and real-time monitoring

Our service is supported by expert project management, so that you get results faster.

Our features

Artificial intelligence

Inject advanced language understanding and other state-of-the-art intelligence into your chatbot with support for Microsoft Cognitive Services, OpenAI GPT-3, and more.


Scale your service without worry. Our rich client architecture supports many thousands of simultaneous conversations and handles traffic spikes with ease.


Your data is yours alone to manage and benefit from. For maximum privacy, ask us for custom cloud-hosted solutions that put you in charge and your data where it’s supposed to be.

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Virtual character

Embody your brand with a virtual character rendered in high-resolution 3D. Choose from different characters with alternative styles and appearances.

More features

Webpage interactivity via javascript

Analytics & reporting

Integration with JavaScript and REST-like APIs

Content management in our web-based CMS 

Testing & debugging tools

Use our chatbots on any device

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Create custom colour schemes and branding

Complex logic

Natural voice

Share your chatbot through email, SMS, and social media

Our partners