Engage your consumers with Clevertar technology

Leverage people’s natural desire to interact on a human level, with virtual characters who can do the talking for you. With Clevertar, you can create programs for your consumers which engage them in multiple and complex tree-branching conversations (say, for coaching) or in simple question and answers (think, surveying.) You can build purposeful conversations for any situation where consumer engagement is important.

A content management system for easy development and delivery

Clevertar’s platform enables you to build your own virtual guide-interactions or license existing conversational content. The process is simple: use Clevertar’s management portal to create engaging scripted conversations. Then add images and videos for interest, and your own branding for recognition. Finally, generate access codes for your consumers, distribute, and then get reports on consumer engagement.

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How would you like to engage your customers?

Build your own program

You can create and deliver your own conversational programs with Better by Clevertar, our self-service platform. Create scripts, variables and algorithms to handle simple or very complex conversational content.

Use a Clevertar program

Together with leading clinical partners and content writers, Clevertar has developed coaches for chronic condition management, including chronic pain, heart failure, and anxiety and depression.

Consumer experiences

“With the nurturing of Laura, I have been able to get my blood sugar down”

Robert, Victoria

“I’ve had a bit of a ‘bad week’ and have got some high blood glucose readings. Without the program I would have fallen in a heap, but because of the feedback I received from Laura I knew what I needed to do differently and felt encouraged to keep trying.”

Kimberley, NSW

“Laura isn’t anything like I expected. She sounds and behaves very human, and I like chatting with her!”

Monica, NSW

“The Clevertar coach makes me feel like I have someone to express to, someone who understands.”

Jake, NSW

“The Clevertar virtual coach is really lifelike, but comfortable to interact with at home on my own.”

Kelly, VIC

“The practicality of the information and suggestions within the Clevertar app is good. It is motivating and it makes sense. The fact that the advice is evidence-based is great too.”

Daniel, SA