Conversational AI that works

Reach more customers through genuine online conversations that empower people to buy or get product support when they need it

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Handle more customer enquiries

Customers expect you to be available to help when they need it, 24/7.

If your team is already stretched, reduce customer complaints and extend your support with Clevertar’s conversational AI technology.

Get AI onto the task

There is a way to interact with customers beyond forms, FAQs and livechat.

Use AI technology to extend your current digital assets before your next website refresh, with expertise you already have.

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Work smarter with our AI-powered live chat

Empower your team to serve customers faster, and improve your cx with deeper AI insights.

We offer installation or upgrade of Amazon Connect with advanced Clevertar AI technology and interfaces.

Clevertar is a trusted partner & platform

Our success shows that building a great chatbot UX relies on development skill combined with communication science, data analytics, and subject matter expertise.

With Clevertar’s AI-powered platform, our content and technical development experts work together with our customers to build chatbots that work.

“We can’t be open 24/7 so Grace, our AI bot created by the Clevertar team, enables us to be open to service customers around the clock. Grace enables us to take advantage of all these situations and not leave the customer with an experience where we couldn’t help them with their inquiry.”

Mark Fazio
General Manager, MATE

MATE Chatbot on Mobile