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The Department for Education aim to achieve quality learning and wellbeing outcomes for children and young people. They manage South Australia’s public education system, with the goal of delivering world-class primary and secondary education in all areas of the curriculum.

Introducing Andie

The new chatbot is part of the Department for Education SA (DfE) digital innovation strategy to engage with its community. 

Andie represents an additional service channel aimed at reducing the number of inbound support requests relating to teacher applications, enabling a new level of self-sufficiency for job applicants.

  • Providing a nurturing customer experience for the day to day situations
  • Referring and escalating to human resources when it’s needed


Department for Education SA (DfE) were investigating ways to:

  • Improve customer service to job applicants as it ramped up to a key recruitment period
  • Focus contact centre support on more complex enquiries
  • Enable digital tools for its community
  • Provide after-hours support


DfE decided to introduce a chatbot as part of its digital innovation strategy. A Proof of concept project was scoped to focus on recruitment support needs with metrics defined for success. Key aspects:

  • Follow an agile methodology to create, shape and transform existing content into nurturing conversations
  • Once introduced, set up regular check-ins and monitoring of usage data to enable ongoing learning and improvement of the experience


Andie was launched in 2021 and represents an additional service channel to support DfE’s teacher recruitment drive. This new channel is aimed at reducing the number of inbound support requests plus:

  • Enabling a level of self-sufficiency for DfE’s target community
  • Referring and escalating to human resources if needed

Key features

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