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MATE is a locally owned and operated telco based in Western Sydney, and is committed to providing exceptional customer service. See how Grace has become part of the MATE customer service team.

Introducing Grace

With exceptional customer service a core pillar of the companies values, introducing new customer-facing technology is not a decision that’s taken lightly. Given this, when the team at MATE decided to employ a chatbot named Grace, it was crucial that she was designed to deliver a flawless experience every time.

Grace is available on MATE’s website 24/7, doesn’t take holidays or days off sick and can have multiple conversations at any one time.

Update – February 2021
Grace has consistently shown higher engagement stats for MATE’s website visitors. Since publishing this case study we have added “sales qualification” content in the form of product and sales-related conversations to Grace’s knowledge-base, to help service Mates visitors across revenue-generating areas of the business.

MATE chatbot on Mobile

How Grace is helping MATE

Grace helps users find the best MATE product for their needs and can handle a large number of complex support enquiries. Since going live Grace has assisted thousands of MATE’s customers to learn about products or problem-solve issues with their home internet or mobile service.

If a customer requires assistance from a human representative, Grace gathers detailed information about the issue and the customer and conveniently passes it to the MATE support team. Through its successful implementation, Grace is being expanded to provide even greater assistance to new or existing customers wanting to find the perfect service for them.

Key features

Automated ticket handling

Customers serviced 24/7

Triage to live chat operators

Custom branding

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“The customer is at the heart of everything we do at MATE and we focus each day on being better than the next as we know service is one of the biggest factors for customer loyalty. We can’t be open 24/7 so Grace our AI bot created by the Clevertar team enables us to be open to service customers (current and new) around the clock.

We have chosen to expand Grace throughout our business as we know customers want instant answers while they are searching for services. Grace enables us to take advantage of all these situations and not leave the customer with an experience where we couldn’t help them with their inquiry.”

Mark Fazio, MATE General Manager