Pro Bono Australia has released an article on the launch of ‘Claire’, a virtual counsellor created by On the Line and Clevertar, who has recently been deployed on the Suicide Call Back Service website.

Written by Maggie Coggan, Pro Bono Australia

One of Australia’s largest suicide helplines is trialing a virtual counsellor as the first point of call for people accessing the site, in a bid to make the service faster and easier to access.

Created by digital counselling service provider, On the Line, “Claire” uses scripts and conversation prompts on the Suicide Call Back Service, asking multiple questions and answers, to figure what risk level the caller is, and where to direct them on the website.

On the Line CEO Kim O’Neill told Pro Bono News the scripts Claire followed were created by counsellors and psychologists under a standard counselling framework.

Click here to read the full article on the Pro Bono Australia website.

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