Virtual agents will revolutionise your customer service, allowing you to focus on areas of your business that matter.

You want to give the best customer service possible, but repeating the same conversation with every new customer is timely, frustrating and a drain on your customer service resources.  It’s time to make a change. And that’s where virtual agents come in.

If your customer service humans are spending hours each day repeating the same conversation with potential customers, it means that they are hard-pressed to deal with customers further down the sales funnel. What can you do? Flip your customer service staffing structure.

Virtual agents are on the rise, and that’s not just us saying that. Statistics from Gartner Inc. predict that by 2020, 25% of customer support and services operators will be using virtual customer humans and chatbot technology.

Why use virtual agents to deal with your repetitive calls?
Whereas humans show the strain of constant, repetitive calls (they’re human after all), virtual agents will respond in the same, positive way every single time and always without error, fatigue or showing signs of frustration.

Unlike humans, who sometimes feel that they need to split themselves into tiny pieces to be in multiple places at once, virtual agents can deal with an infinite number of customers at the same time. Again, all with 100% accuracy and leaving customers with a positive first impression.

Worried that a robot won’t be human enough?
Many people who enquire about Clevertar virtual agents are dubious as to whether a robot can match up to human-to-human interaction. As our virtual agents are ‘relational’ they are far from robotic. They interact with people through speech, gaze, gesture and convey all the characters that you seek in your customer service team, such as attentiveness and accuracy.  

More than an automated service, virtual agents are ‘relational’ making them believable simulations of humans. They have a face, a personality and, importantly, are liked by customers. virtual agents conform with a human’s desire to interact and socialise with other ‘beings’.

There’s still a way to go, but research coming out of PointSource shows that customers are warming to text chatbots (54%) but still prefer talking to a person.

Virtual agents bridge this gap. Giving your virtual staff an identity with a face and name adds to the authenticity of the virtual agents and customer relationship.

How repetitive day-in-day-out calls affect your staff
Let’s picture Luke, your real-life customer service agent and imagine how he looks when he’s asked for the 100th time that day whether people can pay online, whether your product takes batteries or if your financial services package includes one-on-one consultations (it’s a yes to all of these, by the way).

However, when Grace, your virtual agent is asked, she delivers the correct information in the same way to the 100th customers as she did to the first. You might wonder what Luke is doing if Grace is fielding this area of your customer service? He’s happy. Why? He’s dealing with customers further down the sales funnel who have more in-depth questions about your services or assisting one of your financial clients with their portfolio. Importantly, Luke’s finite time and energy is being used wisely.

Worried your staff will feel ‘replaced’?
Nobody wants to be replaced, however, using Clevertar allows you to use your team in other roles. Yes, there will be naysayers, but they’ll soon thank you for removing them from the daily humdrum of repetitive questions. Especially, if you swap tedious work for something engaging and motivating.

While Grace has no issues dealing with repetitive questions, your staff do (they’re only human, remember). By restructuring your real-life customer service team, they will have the time to focus on generating more leads and turning these into valuable customers as well as hitting company goals and possibly branching out into the innovative side of your business. Simply put, virtual agents release your human staff (and you) from repetitive questioning and free up your time to spend working elsewhere.

Is a virtual agent up to the job?
No two business are the same. One business’s repetitive phone calls and messages are entirely different to another. That’s why Clevertar works directly with companies to program your virtual agents so that he/she will specifically answer and solve questions that your customers ask.

If, for example, your company gets regularly inundated with FAQ calls, Grace will use your FAQ script (and switch to another if and when necessary) just as per your human team. She can also personally address your customer, give them a smile of encouragement now and then as well as take their details (you will get a bounty of lead information to follow up and to refer back to later down the track).

No matter how inundated your customer service system gets, multiple Graces can deal with every customer, offering a service that a human simply couldn’t match (or want to for that matter).

We understand that your business conversations are significant and essential to your success. We know that 80% of conversations and initial calls reflect a 20% value to your company. This impressive figure is a huge burden for your human customer service team, who tire of repetitive conversations. Instead, a virtual agent can use your script and with design and programming specific to your requirements, shoulder the majority of these calls and allow you to focus elsewhere: expansion, innovative plans or other areas currently neglected due to fielding queries.

Will this cost the earth?
Every business needs to monitor overheads, including staff costs. If you are paying a significant amount for customer service humans who deliver a script or a number of scripts, you might consider virtual agents as a cost-effective measure.

Unlike your human customer service team who need regular training, your Clevertar virtual agent only requires programming once. In fact, the only time you’ll need to do anything is when you want to change your script.

Clevertar virtual agents deliver your scripted conversations at a fraction of your current costs. Moreover, your virtual agents can be programmed to perform not just one but multiple scripts 24 hours a day and 7 days a week – without any overtime to pay!

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