Are you looking for ways to increase the efficiency of your customer service team? But want to do it in a way that lessens the burden on your staff, yet fully satisfies your consumers? Clevertar has a solution that covers all your customer service needs, including personalised coaching. Let’s take a look.

Automatically coach your clients and patients
If your business has ongoing conversations with consumers where repetitive conversations, monitoring and compliance are important, our virtual agents can be used as part of your very own mobile coaching program.

Using goal setting, exercises, check-ins, reminders and education, this kind of technology provides a professional yet personalised service that guides patients and clients through recurring tasks or processes.

Viewable on any smartphone device, this kind of coaching content can be applied across various industries including training, finance and health, with appropriate referral to human support when needed.

And the best part? Replacing this manual effort is a smart way to achieve cost minimisation, greater efficiencies, and more streamlined processes.  

An example of this kind of ‘virtual coach in your pocket’ service is the management of chronic pain. With Clevertar it’s easy for health care organisations, doctors and clinicians to set up a virtual agent who will personalise the patient’s program and talk and show them through a structured program over a period of time.

Other instances where organisations use Clevertar virtual agents are in the management of mild to moderate anxiety and depression, heart conditions and diabetes.

Of course, you might offer something different to the healthcare suggestions mentioned above. No problem. Clevertar’s mobile coaching app is tailored to your unique offerings and script, so whatever services you offer, you can offer something unique and above those of your competition.  

Simple solutions – great results
Is this the year to shake-up your customer service? Clevertar virtual agents offer:

  • Easy to use virtual agents
  • Use your own script that can be changed as and when required
  • Improve job-satisfaction for human staff
  • Reduce the stress, boredom and burden of answering FAQs
  • Enjoyable interaction that is valued by customers
  • Accessible, deliverable and fits with your branding and messaging

Are virtual agents the answer to your problems? Will this be the year that your personalised coaching goes from strength to strength? Contact us to find out more about Clevertar and how to use virtual agents in your business.

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