Are you looking for ways to increase the efficiency of your customer service team? But want to do it in a way that lessens the burden on your staff, yet fully satisfies your consumers? Clevertar has a solution that covers all your customer service needs, including call centre support. Let’s take a look.

Customer care
After speaking with our clients, we know that many customer support service teams deal with frequently asked questions (FAQs) on a daily basis. Not only is this repetitive but it is not the best use of your staff’s time. All the hours that your call centre support spend handling repeated questions and taking down email addresses and other contact information equals less time available to deal with the more complex customer queries.

This is where Clevertar’s virtual agents provide the solution.

Imagine this scenario: Clevertar’s virtual agents are programmed with your unique script, meaning they can answer FAQs around the clock, reducing the burden on your customer support team and freeing their time so that they can help other consumers with more specific and complex needs.

Virtual agents create a professional and efficient first introduction to your company and, as they are programmed to your specifications, can work in any industry and environment wherever regular consumer engagement and interactions takes place.

It may surprise you to learn that rather than being off-putting, consumers enjoy interacting with virtual agents. The fact that your virtual agents is motivated, friendly (regardless of the day or hour), trustworthy and 100% accurate are just a few of the positive aspects of using virtual agents in your call centre at the introductory and contact/information gathering parts of the customer journey.

Not to mention, freeing up your human staff so they get to deal with the more interesting consumer interactions means they experience higher job satisfaction. Your virtual agents, on the other hand, will never tire, work 24/7 and never take a day off sick.

And, as you program them with your own words and content it’s up to you if and when you update the script. Taking only days to set-up and deploy, you can greatly improve the efficiency of your customer service team quickly and at less cost than employing more human staff.

Simple solutions – great results
Is this the year to shake-up your customer service? Clevertar virtual agents offer:

  • Easy to use virtual agents
  • Call centre support and services
  • Use your own script that can be changed as and when required
  • Improve job-satisfaction for human staff
  • Reduce the stress, boredom and burden of answering FAQs
  • Enjoyable interaction that is valued by customers
  • Accessible, deliverable and fits with your branding and messaging

Are virtual agents the answer to your problems? Will this be the year that your call centre support goes from strength to strength? Contact us to find out more about Clevertar and how to use virtual agents in your business.

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