We are proud to announce the release of our newest Clevertar, Lara, who is ready and waiting to represent your brand and become your Digital Knowledge Worker on the frontline.

Like her predecessors, Lara is designed to provide a more natural and engaging experience for customers who interact with your website.

So how did we conceive Lara?

Clevertar’s design philosophy takes its inspiration from the best in the world; animation studios that create characters who an audience naturally trusts and sympathises with, as they journey together through the challenge and triumphs of telling their story.

Familiarity and appeal drive this direction at Clevertar, similar to the position taken by studios which have consciously headed into the territory of more stylised animated characters. For example, larger eyes naturally evoke affection from the audience, while age, posture, and animations engender trustworthiness and authority. These are all important qualities and traits for Digital Knowledge Workers in customer support, and so it makes sense to harness these same characteristics for improving business applications and the customer experience.

Lara can also be tailored with different hairstyles and clothing options, and like all of our Clevertars, can be customised to look like one of your team with your corporate uniform or branding.

Once deployed, she is there to attract and engage with your customers in a conversational way utilising synthetic or natural voice, or if you’d prefer, simply by being a static image to personify your chatbot knowledge base.

We’ve already had great feedback from our customers who’ve had a sneak peek at Lara, but we would love to hear from you too.

To see Lara in action check out this short intro video.…

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