Are you looking for ways to increase the efficiency of your customer service team? But want to do it in a way that lessens the burden on your staff, yet fully satisfies your consumers? Clevertar has a solution that covers all your customer service needs, including lead capture and qualification. Let’s take a look.

Lead capture and qualification
Improving lead capture and qualification is a must for all businesses. Whatever your business offering or industry, you want to promote your products to your consumers in a way that is professional, appealing and, of course, efficient.

Clevertar’s virtual agents can do everything that your full-time human call centre staff can when it comes to lead capture, gathering all-important contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers and requirements to ensure conversions.

Customer engagement is a vital ingredient in successful customer service and virtual agents are found to be highly effective. Our research shows us that rather than being off-putting, consumers enjoy engaging with virtual agents as they are less threatening. This, in turn, means that consumers are more honest in their answers which ensures business owners receive more exact information about a consumers’ needs, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Costing far less than a large-scale human customer call centre and service team, your virtual agents will man all stages of the early sales process 24/7, delivering accurate and professional service without tiring.

Lead capture virtual agents feature on your website, seamlessly fitting in with your site’s branding. Their appearance on your site feels natural and because of this they don’t put off your potential customers or make them feel under pressure or rushed.

Once your virtual agent has collected the valuable contact information, it can be passed to your human sales team and work its way down the sales funnel. Rather than dealing with ‘cold calls’ or a lack of information, your human sales team can use the leads to qualify and to convert, which is a far more effective and cost-efficient use of their time.

Simple solutions – great results
Is this the year to shake-up your customer service? Clevertar virtual agents offer:

  • Easy to use virtual agents
  • Use your own script that can be changed as and when required
  • Improve job-satisfaction for human staff
  • Reduce the stress, boredom and burden of answering FAQs
  • Deliver lead capture efficiently and professionally
  • Enjoyable interaction that is valued by customers
  • Provide more precise and qualified leads
  • Accessible, deliverable and fits with your branding and messaging

Are virtual agents the answer to your problems? Will this be the year that your lead capture goes from strength to strength? Contact us to find out more about Clevertar and how to use virtual agents in your business.

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