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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get Conversagent free for 3 months? / What is the Conversagent 'Inner Circle'?

The Conversagent ‘Inner Circle’ is an exclusive group of Shopify store owners who receive an extended 3 month free trial to Conversagent in exchange for regular feedback on the app. We want to know how it is functioning for them, what they’d like to see in the app & give them the inside goss on upcoming feature releases. To join the program, register your details here.

How does the Conversagent app work?

Conversagent uses cutting-edge AI such as OpenAI’s GPT4 to generate personalized friendly answers to customer queries. When you sync your store content, Conversagent will create a library of your store products and information that it will search through for information that answers the customer question at hand. Conversagent will only answer questions it can confidently answer with the content of your store, limiting the risk of ‘hallucinations’.

For more information, visit our website:

Does Conversagent use ChatGPT or GPT4?

Conversagent uses GPT4, the latest technology from OpenAI, to provide the best possible customer experience. 

What should I include on my store to ensure best performance of the app?

To ensure best performance of Conversagent, we recommend you have sufficient content across your store that answers any questions a customer might have about your store, it’s policies or it’s products. This might be in the form of FAQs, return/shipping policy documents, product descriptions and information, brand identity information in about us pages, blog posts, etc. This may be informed by common questions you may receive via live chat or support emails/calls.

We recommend you keep this information up to date by removing out of date posts/content and resyncing your Conversagent to your store content as soon as an update is made.

You may also like to add a meta store description to the backend of your store to help your Conversagent further understand your store. To do this select ‘Online Store’ in the left hand menu panel, then select ‘Preferences’ and enter your store ‘Title and meta description’ in the top text boxes.

Do you offer a free trial of the app?

Yes, we offer a 21-day free trial of Conversagent. Your 21-day trial is inclusive of all plans meaning if you switch plans your 21 days will continue, not start again. You will be charged at the conclusion of your free trial unless you cancel your subscription or revert back to the free plan before the 21 days are up.

Is Conversagent multilingual?

Yes. Conversagent will greet & speak in whatever language the browser of the customer is using. So if the customer’s browser such as Google Chrome is set to Spanish, then Conversagent will speak in Spanish etc.

Can Conversagent track orders?

Conversagent does track orders. To track an order, the customer must provide the correct order number & email address associated with said order. 

Do you have a referral program?

We currently do not have a referral program set up but would like to get one up & running shortly. If you have a store/s in mind to refer us to, please email the details to

Can you integrate with WhatsApp or other livechat services?

We currently do not integrate with Whatsapp or livechat services. However this is currently one of our priorities on our roadmap so watch this space!

If you have suggestions or requests for how you would like to see this roll out or which platforms you’d like to see us integrate with, please don’t hesistate to reach out to 

What impact will Conversagent have on my site speeds?

Our app is designed to have an absolutely minimal impact on how quickly your site loads, and you should not notice any consistent decrease in the site speed reported by Shopify after you install the app. We do not load or show app assets until after the page is loaded, so your customers are never delayed because of the app.

Who built Conversagent & where can I get support?

Conversagent is run by Australian-based company, Clevertar, who have years of experience working with businesses to solve everyday problems using conversational artificial intelligence.

For more information, visit our website: or

For support or information about our Inner Circle program, contact

Customizing your Conversagent

How can I change the display of my Conversagent from floating pop-up chat into an embedded in-the-page chat?

To embed your Conversagent chat on a page such as a product page instead of the default floating pop-up chat, you will first need to turn the toggle off the Conversagent app in the app-embeds menu (this is the location you first set up Conversagent).

Next you need to add the Conversagent ‘block’ on the desired pages you’d like the Conversagent chat to appear.

Use the drop-down menu at the top of the page to find the page type you’d like your Conversagent chat window to appear on. If the drop-down menu isn’t visible in your browser, select the magnifying glass at the top of the page to open the drop-down menu.

‘Add block’ from either the apps section on the left menu or under an existing section in the template and select ‘Conversagent – Embed’.

Now it’s time to adjust the position of the chat interface & customize it. Each time you add a Conversagent block you will need to customize your shopping assistant.

How do I move the app to a different location? / How do I specify where the app is displayed?

Floating/pop-up chat interface users:

If you are using the floating/pop-up chat interface, the chat will automatically display on the bottom right hand corner. To change this, head to the app customization menu by selecting Conversagent in “App Embeds”.

By increasing the number of pixels under “Launch Position from the Bottom”, you will move the popup widget up the screen. By increasing the number of pixels under “Launch Position from the Right”, you will move the popup widget to the left of the screen.

This may require a bit of trial and error to find the perfect position. Our default settings are 10 pixels from the bottom & 20 pixels from the right. 

Embedded/Button chat interface users:

In the theme editor, you can use the drop-down menu at the top of the page to select the page type you’d like your Conversagent to appear on. Select ‘Add block’ in the menu panel on the left in the desired section of the page, for example product information or apps. From here you can change the position by clicking and holding the Conversagent block and dragging it to position.

Alternatively, you can hover over the Conversagent chat interface and click move to previous or next position. If you want to move the chat interface into another section you must select the Conversagent block in the menu panel on the left and then select “remove block”. Then you are able to add the Conversagent block in the new desired section.

How do I customize the colour & launch button to fit our brand guidelines?

You can customise your launch icon within the theme editor.  Navigate to the theme editor under Sales channels in your Shopify menu and select ‘Themes’. Then next to your theme click the ‘Customize’ button to launch the theme editor.

Select either your Conversagent “block” OR the Conversagent app under “App Embeds” depending on how you set up your app. 

This will launch the Conversagent customization menu where you can make many customizations to your Conversagent including the colour of the launch icon.

Either upload your own image or customise the existing icon with your selected colours.

How can I edit Conversagent's greetings?

You can change the greeting in your Conversagent admin dashboard > Settings > AI Instructions > Greeting. Here you can give it custom instructions for how you would like the greeting to be, you can even tell the AI to greet customers in a very specific way if you would like it to. This feature is locked to our GROW plan but you can try this on a 21-day free trial.

Does Conversagent collect leads? How do I follow up with a customer who received a wrong answer?

Conversagent doesn’t actively collect leads as we have discovered this sometimes deters users from chatting with the AI & being influenced to buy. We are currently thinking of ways we can mitigate this.  However, if a customer leaves their contact details or is asked to provide their details because they requested human assistance for example, Conversagent will generate a Pulse notification alerting you to this conversation so you can follow it up.

If you wanted Conversagent to be more proactive in asking for emails, you could add custom AI instructions instructing Conversagent to ask for the customer’s email at the end of every conversation. You would add this in the ‘Response’ section of AI Instructions unless you wanted Conversagent to ask for their email upon greeting the customer.

You could also add to Custom AI Instructions an instruction to the ‘Response’ field that asks the AI to request a customer’s contact details if it is not confident with it’s answer to the user’s question. This would mean if the AI was unable to give an answer to a customer’s question, you could follow this up.

Can I display both a floating pop-up chat AND an embedded on-the-page chat?

You cannot display both a floating pop-up chat AND an embedded chat on the same page type.

HOWEVER, you can use the ‘Conversagent – Embed’ block on one page type such as the product page to display the embedded on-the-page chat interface, and then have the ‘Conversagent – Float’ block on another page type such as the homepage to display the floating po-up chat. You just can’t have them both on the same page. 

Is there any way to add an HTML id to the chat box's </p> <div> element?

For the embedded widget & button widget – the chatbot is already wrapped to “gqa-shopify-wrapper” ID

For the floating/popup widget – the widget currently loads to the body so there is no div which wraps the chatbot. We will need to use javascript to wrap the chatbot to a div element and add an id.

How do I tighten guardrails for Conversagent? I want it to ONLY respond to questions about our store.

Conversagent has guardrails in place to ensure the AI won’t speak about anything inappropriate & also ensure store information/product information is based solely on store content. The AI is also limited to answering questions and cannot perform actions on behalf of the customer or store.

If you would like to tighten these instructions/guardrails to ONLY speak about store information & product information, you can head to your Conversagent Admin Dashoard > Settings > AI Instructions > Responses, & edit the responses field to include something like “If the question is unrelated to [insert store name here] and the [store name] product range ([insert type of products here, e.g. sportswear, etc.]), advise the user that you can only answer questions about the store and its products.”

This may require a little bit of trial & error with the wording of the instuction.


I can't add a 'block' to my Shopify site. How do I get an embedded on-the-page chat interface?

If you cannot add a ‘block’ to your Shopify store page in the theme customizer, then there is a good chance you are still using a Shopify 1.0 theme. Only Shopify 2.0 themes have the ability to customize the chat interface from floating to embedded chat. 

If your theme was created before June 2021, and you haven’t updated versions, you are likely using a Shopify 1.0 theme. Within your theme customizer, click Add Section (+), and note whether App section is available. If App sections are available to add, then you are leveraging Shopify 2.0. 

If you are using Shopify 2.0 and are still having problems, please contact

Conversagent isn't appearing at all on my store - what do I do?

1. If using the floating/pop-up version of the app, ensure Conversagent is toggled “ON” in the “App Embeds” section of your theme customizer.

2. If adding Conversagent as a “block” to your store, ensure you only have one Conversagent “block” on your store’s page. Also check you do not have Conversagent toggled “ON” in “App Embeds” as you can only have one Conversagent app per page.

3. If the app is visible in the preview section of your theme customizer, ensure you are clicking the “Save” button in the right hand corner of the page before exiting the theme customizer.

4. Try disabling/reenabling the app, clearing your cache and cookies, and/or resetting the app in the settings section of your admin dashboard.

5. Try disabling other apps you may be running on your store as sometimes they may negatively interact with our app. The best way to test which apps may be affecting Conversagent is to disable/enable each app one at a time to test which one is causing the issue. We recommend you start with other widgets/popups on your store.

Some apps modify/replace basic code functionality with their own implementations. This is not compliant with modern standards, so modern code (such as used in our app) will break in the presence of these plugins. These outcomes are not actually intended by these plugins, so it may be fixed by future plugin updates.

If another app is found to be causing problems with our app, it is likely to cause issues with other apps. Of course how you deal with this is your decision and depends on how crucial you find the problematic app to your store.

6. If after following the above steps & Conversagent is still not appearing or you have further questions, please contact

My changes to the app aren't working - what do I do?

First, make sure you are clicking “Save” in the right hand corner of the page when making your changes.

Second, check you have not installed two Conversagent chat interfaces. Only one will show & you may be making changes to the version that is not visible.

If your changes are still not working, reset the app in the settings section of your admin dashboard.

If after resetting the app, changes are still not showing, please contact

I’ve added the app but it’s only showing on some pages, not all - what do I do?

To add the Conversagent chat interface as a ‘block’ to multiple pages, you must add & customize Conversagent as a ‘block’ on each page type in the drop down menu at the top of the page that you’d like the chat interface to appear on. Make sure you do this for all collections, product types, pages, blogs, etc. that you may have categorized.

Please note: Only one Conversagent chat interface can be added to each individual page. You cannot have two Conversagents on the same page whether that be two embedded chat interfaces or one embedded and one floating chat interface. If you add two Conversagent blocks to your page, one will not display. 

If you are using ‘App Embeds’ to add your Conversagent, ensure you have enabled the app by selecting the toggle.

Why is my AI answering incorrectly?

The way our AI assistant works is that it will search your product catalog with a search term based on the user’s question. So for example if a user asks “Do you have Purple shirts?”, the AI will search for the words “purple shirts”. If your store’s search bar doesn’t pick it up, the AI will also struggle. The best way to help fix this is to add information to the product’s description.

If your AI is answering other questions incorrectly or is unable to answer questions, we recommend adding more information to your store’s site AND/OR adding information the Knowledge feature. It is also worth reviewing if the AI is referencing a link that may have old or conflicting information that may need updating. Please note that Conversagent cannot currently read PDFs or images.

If you are still experiencing issues, contact . Sometimes certain themes/customizations can prevent the AI searching information correctly.

Why am I not receiving Pulse notification emails?

Pulse notification emails can be set up/configured in the Conversagent Admin Dashboard > Settings > Email Settings. If you are not receiving emails, please check you have activated the emails & double check whether you have set the emails to be delivered daily, weekly or monthly. When you activate the emails, you will also set a date you wish to start receiving them from. Please check this date is not still in the future in which case emails will start being sent from that date. 

It is also worth mentioning that these emails are for UNREAD Pulse notifications. Therefore if you read all notifications in the Admin Dashboard before the email is sent, you will not receive an email that day. 

Our stock is pre-ordered so products have no stock on the website available, how do I stop the AI from saying we are sold out?

Conversagent uses stock numbers to determine if a product is available.

The best way to try and get around this is to head to Settings > AI Instructions > Response. Edit the Response textbox & provide an additional instruction at the end of the current instructions such as “If the user asks a question about stock levels, tell the customer they can pre-order the item and it will be available within xx days” (or however you would like to word it).

This may require some trial and error with wording. 

Admin Dashboard Features

How do I view usage statistics?

Usage statistics are located in the Conversagent dashboard. To access the dashboard, select apps in the menu bar to the left and select Conversagent from the dropdown list of your installed apps at the top of the page. This will take you to the Conversagent dashboard where you can see an overview of app statistics including total users, total questions asked and an average of questions asked per user. You will also see the number of conversions your Conversagent has been involved in.

What does 'Converted Orders' mean & how is it calculated?

Converted orders are transactions/orders Conversagent has converted from a conversation to a confirmed sale.

An order is counted as converted if the customer who ordered had a chat with Conversagent in the previous 30 days. So, if a customer has a conversation with the chatbot and makes multiple orders, this will count as multiple conversions.

This number is only updated once per day.

What does 'Conversion Rate' mean & how is it calculated?

Conversion Rate refers to the percentage of conversations that resulted in a converted order.

An order is counted as converted if the customer who ordered had a chat with Conversagent in the previous 30 days. 

This number is only updated once per day.

What does 'Converted Value' mean & how is it calculated?

Converted value is the total value of converted orders within the selected date range.

An order is counted as converted if the customer who ordered had a chat with Conversagent in the previous 30 days. So, if a customer has a conversation with the chatbot and makes multiple orders, this will count as multiple conversions.

This number is only updated once per day.

What is the 'Knowledge' feature & how best do I use it?

Knowledge is our feature that allows you to add custom information/documents for your Conversagent to search when generating an answer to a customer query. These documents are not visible on your site so it’s perfect for elaborating on product/store details to help your AI answer questions better. It’s also a great tool to use if you discover the AI was unable to answer a specific customer query due to missing information on your store’s site.

As these are extra documents your AI can search through when answering a question, we recommend adding as much context as possible to increase the document’s visibility in the search. This could include adding example questions & answers, headings, etc.

COMING SOON: Soon you will be able to upload PDFs to the Knowledge base for the AI the search & read. Watch this space!

Watch our how-to video here.


What are 'AI Instructions' & how best do I use them?

AI Instructions are located in your Conversagent Admin Dashboard Settings and are custom instructions you can give your Conversagent to help inform your AI on how to behave to better fit your brand identity. This is ideal for customizing how your Conversagent speaks such as length of messages, emoji use, tone, etc.

The two fields you can adjust are the greeting which is the first message your customer will see, & responses which is how your AI will respond to questions asked by customers.

There is a limit on how many characters you can add to AI Instructions as too many instructions can sometime overload the AI & cause it to ignore said instructions.

Some examples of ways you can use AI Instructions include:

“Include a few emojis where relevant to make the message feel more positive and friendly.”

“Keep your response concise: 3 sentences or less, unless the query requires a detailed response.”

“If you are not confident in your answer to a question, ask for the customer’s email address so the support team can contact them.”

“If asked about xxx, please direct customer to our sister site yyy.”

“Greet customer with the following 10% discount just for chatting: XXX.”

“When the conversation appears to be finished, ask the customer for their email address to be added to the mailing list.”

“Greet customer & inform them you are not a real human but they will be “surprised at how much I know””.

“Speak like an old sailor.”

Watch our how-to video here.

What is 'Pulse' & how do I edit email settings for it?

Pulse is our secondary AI that acts as your personal insight detective, highlighting important conversations that otherwise may have slipped through the cracks.

Pulse gives you notifications of these important conversations and highlights things such as when the AI was unable to answer a question due to missing information on the store’s site, when a customer leaves their contact details to be followed up on, or even when a compliment was received. It is then up to you whether you would like to add information to your store or to the Knowledge feature so said customer query can be answered in the future, or whether you follow up with said  customer who left their contact information.

You can set up/adjust email notifications for Pulse in your Conversagent Admin Dashboard > Settings > Email Settings > Pulse Email Settings.

Watch our how-to video here.

What does the reset button do?

The reset button disables and reenables the app as well as resyncing it to your store. This is primarily used during troubleshooting. It will not affect your subscription, chat interface customization or customer conversation history.

How do I uninstall the Conversagent app?

We’re sorry you wish to uninstall Conversagent. If you wish to remove the chat interface from your store temporarily, we recommend disabling the app. This will remove the Conversagent chat interface from your store however your subscription, chat interface customization and user statistics will remain unaffected. We are always looking for ways to improve the Conversagent app experience for our merchants, so if you are looking to troubleshoot the app or wish to provide us with feedback, please contact our support team at

However if you are looking to completely uninstall the app, you can do so but selecting the three dots in the very top right hand corner above the green resync content button in the Conversagent dashboard and select uninstall from the dropdown menu. This will end your subscription and remove the app from your store and all your customer conversation data.

I’ve made changes to my store, do I need to refresh the chatbot / How do I update content in the chatbot?

Conversagent automatically resyncs to your store, updating it’s knowledge-base, daily. To change the daily sync time, head to your Conversagent dashboard > Settings > Advanced Settings, and select the ‘Change Daily Sync Time’ button.

You can also manually resync Conversagent with your store in the same spot. This may be useful if you have made changes to your store content such as but not limited to adding/removing products, changing product descriptions, adding new blogs, promotions, etc. and you would like Conversagent to reflect these changes immediately rather than wait for the daily sync. 


What do 'conversations' mean in your pricing plan?

‘Conversations’ refers to every time a customer interacts with the chatbot on different pages. So if a customer asks 4 questions on the same product page then it still counts as one conversation. If a customer however asks a question on one product page and then navigates to another page & asks another question on a different page then that would be two conversations. This pricing strategy has the merchant’s interests at heart rather than basing prices on each message sent.

What happens to the chatbot if I use all of my 'conversations' up? When does it reset?

As per your specific plan, you will be given a quota allowing for certain amount of ‘conversations’ per month. You can view how much of your quota has been used & when your quota resets in the Conversagent dashboard on the right-hand side. This is highlighted in different colours according to how close you are to reaching your quota. Email communication will be sent out as you get closer to that quota number.

If you have reached your quota, the Conversagent chat interface will be automatically disabled and will no longer be visible to your customers. In the theme editor you will also see an error message saying your quota has been reached and the chat interface is disabled. Conversagent will be disabled until your quota resets for the month OR you upgrade your plan.

To upgrade your plan, either select ‘increase quota’ from the Conversagent dashboard located by your current quota allowance OR select ‘plans’ from the top menu of the dashboard and select your desired plan upgrade.

Do you offer custom pricing/plans?

We currently only have set pricing & subscription tiers. These prices are promotional prices and are the best prices you will find on the market for a GPT4 powered chatbot so you won’t find any better value than with us right now. GPT4 is some of the newest & highest quality AI technology compared to a lot of companies using ChatGPT or models similar to this which are of lower quality. Our pricing strategy is also by conversation rather than by message which has your best interests at heart.

If you have larger requirements than our PRO subscription, please contact to discuss enterprise pricing. 

How do I cancel my plan / subscription?

Your plan/subscription will be automatically cancelled upon uninstalling the app. 

If you are switching plans, your subscription will also be automatically switched. This includes when switching to the FREE plan. 


Is Clevertar & Conversagent GDPR compliant?

We can confirm we are GDPR compliant.

Please see the following DPIA template if required for your business.

I couldn't see Conversagent or Clevertar on the Data Privacy Framework list.

As we are an Australian based company, we cannot register to be on the Data Privacy Framework list. That list is limited to US based companies even though we store information there.

Do you process personal data about my customers?

No, Conversagent does not process any personal data associated with your store visitors/customers.

What information is collected & stored? Where is it stored & how long for?

We collect and store chat transcripts, recent order information, IP addresses of users, and anonymous service telemetry such as network requests. Collected information is stored securely in the USA. All personal information is erased 48 hours after app uninstallation. Service telemetry may be retained for up to 12 months.

Are there any 3rd parties that information is shared with?

Chat transcripts are shared with Microsoft (USA) for purposes of operating the conversational AI. They are not used for training and not stored. Service telemetry is collected and stored by Microsoft (USA) to ensure service quality. All other information is collected and stored with encryption and not shared with any third parties. 

What is your privacy policy?

Clevertar’s privacy policy can be found here.

For further support, please see our Installation Guide or contact