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Strategic advice

If you are interested to learn about chatbots and conversational AI we can help. 

Optional 2 hour Use-Case Exploration Workshop

Purpose: To find out if a chatbot could work for you.

Who should attend: Customer service, marketing, operational area leads

How: Remote or in-person

Areas covered:

  • How chatbots work
  • When they could be applied (and when not)
  • Possible use cases in your business
  • Decision criteria for further exploration

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Request a speaker

Co-founders of Clevertar, Tanya Newhouse and Dr Martin Luerssen are available for speaking engagements.

Tanya Newhouse, CEO at Clevertar

Tanya Newhouse, Non-Executive Director and Co-founder

  • Chatbots and UX
  • Human psychology and customer experience with bots
  • How business is changing with conversational AI
  • Australian experience
Martin Luerssen, CTO at Clevertar

Martin Luerssen, CTO and Co-founder

  • Chatbot technology and trends
  • Virtual beings
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Cloud application development

If you’d like to know more about how our services may help your project contact us or chat with Tara about your project idea.