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Strategic advice

If you are interested to learn about chatbots, live chat and or conversational AI we can help, you and or your team with an short roundtable session or a workshop depending on where your project is or how developed your ideas are.

Optional 1 – 2 hour Use-Case Exploration Workshop

Purpose: To find out if an AI, chatbot and or Live chat could work for you.

Who should attend: Leaders, customer service, marketing, operational area leads

How: Remote or in-person

Areas covered:

  • How chatbots work and can balance CX and CS teams
  • When AI, chatbot’s and or Live chat could be applied (and when not)
  • Possible use cases in your business
  • Decision criteria for further exploration
Tara chatbot

Request a speaker

Co-founders of Clevertar, Tanya Newhouse and Dr Martin Luerssen are available for speaking engagements. As are some of our other senior staff members, depending on the specific topics and availability we can work with you to find the right team member to help.

Tanya Newhouse, CEO at Clevertar

Tanya Newhouse, Non-Executive Director and Co-founder

  • Chatbots and UX
  • Human psychology and customer experience with bots
  • How business is changing with conversational AI
  • Australian experience
Martin Luerssen, CTO at Clevertar

Martin Luerssen, CTO and Co-founder

  • Chatbot technology and trends
  • Virtual beings
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Cloud application development

If you’d like to know more about how our services may help your project contact us or chat with Tara about your project idea.