Chatbot pricing structure

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Configuration & transformation

Who is it for?
Clients seeking to lift their website engagement numbers, i.e. increase sales/bookings/conversions, and nurture through a complex process.

Additionally, their support staff need time on outbound tasks or sleep. Chatbots offer additional support 24/7.

✓ Scoping and discovery exercises
✓ Content transformation
✓ Conversational consultation
✓ Setup & Installation of AI (NLU)
✓ Project management and resources

$15,000 -> 30,000* (typical start)

*Cost largely depends on the content resources available. Proof of Concept can be less when tied to specific needs and can scale-up based on success.

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Subscription package*

Who is it for?
Clients that want a partnership and a managed, hosted chatbot solution. They value ongoing expert advice and consulting.

Organisations that may have compliance around PID or GOV regulations (Global, National or state-based visitors).

✓ Clevertar platform and character licenses
✓ Support and training
✓ AI optimisation
✓ Monthly reviews and check-in
✓ Data analysis and exports
✓ Integrations supported
✓ Scaled SLA’s based on package and needs

Package options:
i.$1000 per month for our standard secure server
ii. $3000 per month for a dedicated/private instance
iii. Enterprise / Federal Gov (Price on Application)

*Additional usage fees may apply to your project depending on the additional services or options added to the subscription package.

Additional options

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3rd Party integrations

Who is it for?
Clients who are looking for the data we capture to be feedback into their CRM or other service-related systems.

Another example is to share data via PowerBi for in-depth analysis.

✓ Scoping exercise
✓ Tech feasibility testing
✓ PID, compliance, security risk assessment


*Cost largely depends on the platform we are connecting with and the level of documentation that is available.

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Live chat

Who is it for?
Clients who have resources available and are looking to engage online 1:1.

This option can be standalone or part of a joint chatbot solution.

✓ Setup and configuration
✓ Onboarding
✓ Training on operator portal
✓ Branding
✓ Integrations (with chatbot or other systems)

$500 p/m

Config & training 2,000-> $10,000*

* Integrations would be scoped separately as needed.
Chatbot automation knowledge-base setup depends on the balance of AI and human agents in your project CX our consultants will guide you on what options could best suit your audience’s needs.

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