Our Digital Coaches

Clevertar has a range of coaching programs which are available or in development covering a range of chronic conditions. Each coaching program has been designed in partnership with clinical experts and equips patients with the self-management skills necessary to better manage their condition.

Our Digital Coaches

LiCBT Coach for mild-moderate anxiety and depression

Clevertar’s Low intensity CBT Digital Coach (Li-CBT) is a health coach for people with mild to moderate anxiety and depression. Written in partnership with Flinders University’s School of Medicine, the Li-CBT Digital Coach is an app based coaching program downloaded by a consumer onto their smartphone or tablet and delivered interactively by a relational avatar. The program includes education on anxiety and depression, support for personal goal setting, and monitoring via clinical instruments including the Kessler-10. Content is personalised to each individual, and is delivered over a number of weeks to support behaviour change.

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Our Digital Coaches

My Diabetes Coach for Type 2 Diabetes

Clevertar is the technology provider for the My Diabetes Coach (MDC) virtual health coach system.

Built through a collaboration between the Bupa Health Foundation, The University of Melbourne and Diabetes Australia, the MDC system comprises a virtual health coach named Laura who delivers regular health coaching to people with type 2 diabetes via their iOS or Android smart phone or tablet devices. Laura receives blood glucose readings, monitors the individual over time, and sends alerts to the case manager when concerns arise.

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Our Digital Coaches

Heart Failure Coach

Clevertar’s Heart Failure health coach is targeted at those suffering from Heart Failure and aims to build self-management skills so that patients better manage their own conditions and avoid unnecessary hospitalisation.

The program consists of education about Heart Failure including medication adherence, fluid management and healthy lifestyles. The program has been written by experts at Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute and supports self-management skill development through its interactive nature.

Designed with the patient at the centre, the program coaches’ patients through regular goal setting and weight management. Importantly, personalised and validated heart failure instruments are used before, during and post program for regular feedback and measurement.

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Chronic Pain Coach

Clevertar’s Chronic Pain Coach is an app-based chronic pain rehabilitation program delivered interactively via an avatar health coach, for people with chronic lower back and leg pain. Written by psychologists, physiotherapists, pain specialists and neurosurgeons, it aims to increase the patient’s ability to self-manage using health coaching techniques, which have been shown to support behaviour change. The content is personalised to each patient, and is delivered over a number of weeks to support behaviour change. The program includes education about chronic pain, support for personal goal setting and increasing functional capacity.

Throughout the program, patients monitor their daily step count and are encouraged to steadily increase these movements to improve functional capacity.

A clinical instrument is applied periodically to monitor patient progress across several domains, direct the patient towards interventions required, and measure outcomes.

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Deliver a Clevertar digital coach to your own population. Localise content to suit your situation, and deploy from anywhere in the world with Clevertar’s hosted Software as a Service. Remember, your consumers can choose from three English accents – US, UK and Australian for their own avatar-coach.

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Clevertar is pleased to work with experts in areas where consumer engagement is important. If you would to partner with us to develop a new digital coach, please get in touch with us.

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