Most council’s contact centres are closed outside of business hours – leaving ratepayers frustrated & dissatisfied

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Find out how chatbots can answer 50-80% of ratepayer enquiries while you sleep or work on other council priorities

✅ 24/7 support for your council’s community, solutions available in and out of business hours with self -service features.

✅ Chatbot’s can answer 50-80% of council enquiries and qualify or escalate as needed to your support team. 

✅ Cut customer service costs, save time on repetitive tasks and keep your customer service team sane. 

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The problem is, most chatbots suck. We’ve all experienced chatbots that were like talking to a brick wall.?

You can’t afford to waste your time, money and your council’s reputation on technology that your ratepayers won’t use. You need the right solution.  At Clevertar, we don’t work with everyone – because it’s important to us that you find the right solution for your organisation. If we’re not the right fit, we’ll tell you. Book a session below to pick the brains of our experts.

Tara Chatbot


5 mins sanity check for right fit

If you aren’t sure where to start or have some quick questions you’d like to ask over a call. 

20 mins quick strategic advice

For those councils who are interested to learn about chatbots and conversational AI.

Let’s chat about:

  • Who should be involved in the process
  • The 3 three things you need to qualify for our solution
  • Possible use cases in your business

2 hour Innovative Council Workshop

Purpose: To find out if a chatbot could work for you.

While other platforms can be great tools, our team helps your team get online and teaches you how to tackle support problems. This workshop is the first step in our collaborative process.

Who should attend: Council CEO’s, MD’s, GM’s, Customer service manager

How: Remote or in-person

Areas covered:

  • Review councils goals and tough challenges
  • How chatbots support your council and community
  • When they could be applied (and when not)
  • Possible use cases in your council
  • Decision criteria for further exploration

Book a chat or demo

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Reduce call volumes and improve call quality

We have a range of challenges that our solution can address, here are some of the common things we typically talk about tackling and help your council understand. Booking a call or demo can help us share how this maybe a good fit for your council.

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Safe, secure and scalable

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, securely architected to Australian Federal Gov standards.

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Reduced wait times

Customers supported 24/7 with self-service and, automated answers to FAQ’s

Virtual character icon

3D character avatar

Your brand’s persona is brought to life visually with animations. Also our human voice  actors amplify the tonality of the content.

Website icon

Targeted call to actions

Our platform integrates with any website to be able to amplify your visitors journey

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Uncover residents voice 

Audience metrics are brought to life in PowerBI. Enable next level learning of what council services are most requested.

Triage icon

Human request escalation

Optimise how and when to bring residents into your live support team.

Clevertar is a trusted partner and platform

Our success shows that engaging audiences and building a great chatbot UX relies on many things. Our team’ s development skill combined with communication science, data analytics, and subject matter expertise are here to help.

With Clevertar’s AI-powered platform, our content and technical development experts work together with our customers to build chatbots that work.

We have other items on our website that maybe of interest in your research.

“We can’t be open 24/7 so Grace, our AI bot created by the Clevertar team, enables us to be open to service customers around the clock. Grace enables us to take advantage of all these situations and not leave the customer with an experience where we couldn’t help them with their inquiry.”

Mark Fazio
General Manager, MATE

MATE Chatbot on Mobile