Clevertar has recently launched its new app Clevertar Digital Coaches to both the iOS App and Google Play Stores. The new application replaces its predecessor Anna Cares as Clevertar focuses on the development of coaching programs for people with chronic conditions.

The Clevertar Digital Coaches platform enables the delivery of health coaching content in a time gated manner as well as other coaching sessions or actions that are delivered whenever a user wishes. Coaching programs are developed in partnership with providers and consist of educational information, goal setting, and monitoring and is delivered by an avatar coach over a period of time to support behaviour change.

The digital program is highly scalable, and patient progress and outcomes are measured at an individual or population level.

The first coaching program delivered is a Low- intensity CBT coach for people suffering from mild- moderate anxiety and depression and has been commissioned by Wentwest Primary Health Network. More on this to come.

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