Suicide Call Back Service is a nationwide service that provides professional 24/7 telephone and online counselling to people who are affected by suicide. See how Claire is assisting with this in our case study.

SCBS chatbot Claire

Introducing Claire

Suicide Call Back Service deployed a chatbot as an additional offering for its clients. The service was needed to improve call centre efficiency and free in-house counsellors so they could spend more time with clients who were at risk and suffering higher levels of psychological distress.

Claire was launched in March 2019 to assist, triage, and support Suicide Call Back Service’s clients 24/7. Since then Claire has assisted thousands of Australians where it was crucial that the information that she provides is accurate and in line with best-practice methods.

When needed, Claire will triage a client to relevant services and offers personalised support that is both empathetic and engaging.

On average, clients spend over 4 minutes chatting to Claire, with over 80% finding the conversation to be helpful.

Suicide Call Back Service continues to expand its offering in line with its business needs and Clevertar is able to rapidly respond by optimising throughout the life of the installation

Suicide Call Back Service chatbot on mobile

Key results

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> 4.5 minutes – average time in minutes consumers interacted with Claire

> “Best online experience for support.”

> 83% of consumers found talking with Claire helpful

Suicide Call Back Service chatbot demo on laptop

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